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Literature Auction 69  -  03.01.2021 10:00

Selected numismatic literature with many rarities and bibliophilic treasures of the 17th and 18th century including large quantities of the libraries of Ursula Kampmann and Reinhold Jordan - furthermore some numismatic graphics and publications concerning archeology and history.

A pdf-file with all lot texts of the auction can be downloaded on the website of Solidus (menu auctions).

Lot 19
Monographien. Bibliophile Werke. Bizot, P.

Histoire metallique de la Republique de Hollande, Paris 1687, 7 Bl., 317 S. mit etlichen Textkupfern, 12 Tfn., 13 S. Register. Pappband, Buchblock locker.

Mit Besitzerstempel. Erstausgabe.
; Literatur; MONOGRAPHIEN; Bibliophile Werke
; Literature; MONOGRAPHIEN; Bibliophile Werke

Mit Besitzerstempel. Erstausgabe.
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